How does this work?

  • We want to give you an incentive to promote our products more actively in your digital efforts. To this end, we will pay you a competitive rate based on CPM for displaying our banners on your site. Please note that the banners will strickly promote our products or contests. We will then pay you as follows:
    • For small banner, we will pay you 3$ per CPM
    • For large banner, we will pay you 5$ per CPM
      • Note, that means we pay you 5$ for every 1000 impresions (page views)
      • So for instance, if you website has 20 000 page views per month, we would credit your account 100$.

How do I get started?

  • Figure out where you can put the banners on your website(s). WE need to know the size of the banner
  • Send an email as follows to
    • Hi, I would like to participate in your co marketing program, I can display a add size 728 X 90. I am willing to display all brand and contest advertisments.
  • We will then send you a code that you need to put into each wepage where you want the add to display.
  • WE will do a quarterly report from our add serving software and credit your account.