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Hibiscus Sport means equipment of the highest quality, courage, enthusiasm, optimism and connecting people with passions them.

We are often asked why ” Hibiscus Sport” ?

Hibiscus flower Hawaii state official, is a symbol of surf culture since the 70s, and today has become a symbol of watersports.

The new hibiscus flower inspired us in choosing the company name because reminiscent of holidays, sun, waves, beach and many happy smiles. This is our daily motivation: the smiles of our customers and happy moments which he spent on the water with our products. Your trust in us, in our recommendations and products that we Hibiscus Sport team, we choose to bring in Romania honors and obliges us to be the best!

I started in 2006 as the official representative in Romania for the biggest nautical equipment manufacturer in the world and European leader in sales: BIC Sport.

Passion for what we do and our professionalism are the strengths that have persuaded other producers to choose us as the exclusive distributor for Romania. Today we are the official representative for Riot Kayaks (Canada), Tahe Outdoors (most maire European manufacturer of kayaks composite) Point 65N, Neil Pryde (world leader for products of windsurf and kitesurf), Hiko Sport (Czech Republic), YAK (UK ), Advanced Elements (USA), Select Paddles, Ainsworth, Reed Chillcheater.


You will find on our site in addition to the specific products we sell and device information, events, tours and courses organized by us. We hope that some of them to help you rediscover water, nature and sports equipment Hibiscus happy to be part of the memories of every holiday!

The best equipment, always

We bring to Romania, test and only sell products that we trust and that we use ourselves . We work only with internationally renowned suppliers that meet standards of quality and safety of the water.

The products you will find on our website are the result of selections careful of tests done by us on the water and the experience gained in almost ten years of practicing kayak, stand up paddling and windsurfing. Hibiscus Sports All team members are practicing sports and always we promote our recommendations are based on tests by team Hibiscus Water Sports. You will see that most of the pictures on the site are made ​​by us in shifts and we organize courses or tests that occur annually every collection launch.

The best recommendation

We strive to provide the best advice and the best recommendation so kayak, canoe, boat or board to live up to your expectations and to accompany you on the water every holiday and why not even every weekend or free time. And that products from HIBISCUS “seen on Water” proves that 99% of our customers are happy with the choice and like equipment recommended by us.


Hibiscus Sport is more than a business run by a team of passionate people, has become a community: Hibiscus Sports & Friends . We give all our customers consider friends, because it unites us a common passion and enthusiasm for discovering nature dintr- a new perspective, from the water. For Hibiscus Sports & Friends , kayak or board has become a lifestyle.

If Hibiscus spirit inspires we join us and our friends! You will discover beautiful people, courageous, enthusiastic, competitive sports enthusiasts and outdoor exits, optimistic, that Hibiscus Sports & Friends !

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