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We design, manufacture and distribute Outdoor products all around the world.

Kayak Distribution is a Canadian-based company headquartered in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). As manufacturers of rotomolded, thermoformed, and composite kayaks, Kayak Distribution embrace a modern, forward-looking vision using technology. It is our belief that the initial introduction to kayaking should be a pleasurable experience, and with that thought in mind we strive to ensure our kayaks are comfortable, safe, and feature-rich, providing paddlers with the best experience on the water possible. We are kayakers and take great pride into manufacturing & distributing throughout the world this incredible line-up of kayaks. We manufacture the brands Riot Kayaks, Riot Paddleboards, Boreal design kayaks, Beluga gear.
We currently have four warehouses: Montreal (Quebec, Canada), Vancouver Island (British Columbia, Canada),  Europe, and Shanghai (China).

““Been working with them for 15 years….””
Bob Throne, President
“Been working with them for 15 years and I would like to work with them again for a 30 years”.
Bob Throne, President
“Been working with them for 15 years and I like so much their service and the team support, always a pleasure. They are so nice!”
Bob Throne, President