In our 70 000 sq.ft wholly owned factory, we offer state of the art manufacturing with our 3 numerically controlled rotomolding ovens along with zone controlled thermoforming oven. All of our production is managed with state of the art ERP system controlling every aspect of production. We also make a a wide number of parts internally.

R&D & product development

KD is fully equipped with it own CNC equipment capable of making 21 feet parts which allows us to create “plugs” and other parts internally rapidly and efficiently. We also have internal 3D printing and highly competent staff to use these machines combined a vast experience in paddle craft design. Due to our vas array of boats and parts, we can also offer a number of solutions when it comes to outfitting and parts design.

OEM production

We put all of these capabilities to work for our own brand but have started working with select brands and retailers to help them become more competitive or to expand their range of products into new constructions like thermoforming. We can help you with your manufacturing using your molds or create new molds for your custom ideas. Please contact us for if you have a project you would like to discuss.