Today’s paddlesports markets is becoming increasingly challenging and operating a successful business in this environment requires strong suppliers that partner well between each other. We believe that KD is uniquely positioned to help both small and large retailers because

  • With over 100 kayaks and Sups covering the market from recreational to Sea Kayaks, KD is able to simplify your purchasing and optimize your logistics.
  • We are a very efficient manufacturer of products and are therefore able to offer great retails and great margins to our dealers!
  • That being said, we are small enough to where your feedback and insight is heard directly by people that are able to make quick decisions and respond to your needs.
  • Since we have moved our production overseas, we are able to offer great margins while ensuring that our products are competitive at a retail level.
  • We strive to partner so that we are not only providers of hard goods and soft goods but we have a number of initiatives to help you grow your business. Please see 4 examples below of how we might help you in ways you might not have considered. All of them are fee to our dealers.

Digital resources

The web has become a key part of business success today, to this end, We have an increasing number of free digital resources that are available to our dealers to help them promote our products and their business. This ranges from images, videos to banner adds, contests, .CSV file and images that let you quickly import our products into your web platforms like

Joint advertising

Joint Advertising

We advertise through a wide network of platforms including our own websites and leading paddling publications. When you become a KD dealer, we will market your store through all of our relevant platforms via geo-location meaning that customers that are close to your store will see your adds throughout our network be it or WE will even provide templates, run joint contests to make things easier for you and provide data on how you can improve your adds performance.


More than a dealer locator

We have recently updated our dealer locator to turn it into something our dealers can use as a marketing tool meaning that you can update your information, post events, videos and so forth. Each of these pages are optimized and we promote them actively via our network, external networks and tools like google AdWords.

kd capital

KD Capital

This is primarily aimed at business at the startup phase of development but can also work for established retailers that want to open another store or expand their existing operations. Instead of buying products from us with money, we offer to be an investor I your business via the goods we provide. Please note that this is a more involved process, there maybe legal fees and you will need a proper business plan and financial information for existing businesses.

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